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Along with goods, advance and the price channels of distribution of production (marketing channels) – one of basic elements marketing mix of the company. It is caused by that for the majority of the markets distance between manufacturers and end users such is that effective coordination of supply and demand demands existence of a marketing network (i.e. marketing the intermediary. Need of their existence is caused by that the manufacturer is incapable to assume all duties and functions following from requirements of an exchange in the market according to expectations of potential and real consumers.

On the other hand, employees of sales department thanks to close interaction with other divisions of marketing service have access to more extensive representative information on the clients that increases efficiency of commercial communications in a business network.

Managing directors of sales of products on each industry submit to the commercial director. The number of specialized departments (groups) of sale is defined by number of the served industries. As representatives on sale the trade workers having engineering or engineering and economic training on a concrete industry are attracted.

Development of the market relations, progress of informatization of business cause the necessity and create possibility of formation focused on rapprochement of the producer and consumer of organizational structures of sale. Interaction and interdependence of the producer and consumer in the concrete market are the main factors of creation of adaptive organizational structures of sale. It is caused by conditions of competitive fight which develop in the market, and also the need arising before the marketing organizations effectively to adapt to constantly changing requirements of environment.

The purpose of controlling sale consists in increase of economic efficiency of marketing activity and the organization of sale. Achievement of this purpose is provided with the flexible, operational prevention of shortcomings of marketing activity, their detection and elimination by means of a complex of effective actions.

Various combinations of structures of the organization of sale, for example, functional and grocery, grocery and market, regional and functional, etc. are put into practice. From what will be accepted and used organizational structure of sale, results of activity not only marketing service, but also organization in general depend in many respects.

The strategic analysis of the advantages of a production activity created by effective distribution system is based on research of the actual situation, the actual indicators which characterize, interaction of firm, sales department with clients (buyers) and with competitors.

In the functional relation activity in system of distribution is subdivided into the work connected with formation and development of sales channels (commercialization) and into operations on physical distribution of goods, i.e. the organization marketing logistics; also integration of these functions is possible.

Lack of this form of the organization is that considerable funds for its adaptation in case of expansion of product range and emergence of possibility of sale of goods in various markets can be demanded.

The combined structure is sold, as a rule, more flexible and has high readiness for new requirements of extension of the nomenclature of the made production, emergence of the new markets, new requirements of buyers.

Operational and strategic information is necessary for implementation of functions controlling sale. Information sources for controlling sale are more numerous, than for other systems of controlling of firm as information on the internal environment of the enterprise and external is at the same time used.

Marketing organizational structures as organic element of system of the organization of management of business in general and marketing in particular have to be focused on growth of number of commercial transactions and potential of the available opportunities. Such structures have to be dynamic, being updated on short-term, incidental and stage-by-stage bases, to have a small amount of hierarchical levels and to have network character.