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During the summer and pasturable period of a horse, as much as possible using a pasture, receive all nutrients necessary for them. The pasturable forage the cheapest type of a forage and its rational use significantly reduces the general costs of feeding of horses.

Carry out tests 3 persons: one lets out and catches horses after a jump, gives top dressing in pauses, the second - controls its movement in turn and on the way to an obstacle, the third provides jumps through the main control obstacle. Tests are preceded by warm-up of 12 — 15 min. a lynx and 2-3 trial jumps 80 - 100 cm high in the shpringartena.

At the first stage of work practical acquaintance with economy, technology of cultivation and the maintenance of horses, and also carrying out training and tests of breeding young growth was carried out. At the same stage collecting necessary materials was carried out. At the second stage generalization and biometric processing of collected data was carried out.

The analysis of a diet shows that the received indicators meet standard, and on carotene even exceeds on 581 mg. However it is necessary to pay attention to the contents in a diet of phosphorus and if necessary to compensate its shortcoming. As with introduction of the strengthened training and tests physical activity on an organism of a young horse strongly increases, during this period it is especially carefully necessary to watch security of young growth with good nutrition.