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The answer is also simple, as well as is difficult: the purpose and motive of education of the child is life of this child happy, full-fledged, creative, useful to people. Family education also has to be directed on creation of such life.

Equality of positions means recognition of an active role of the child in the course of his education. The person should not be object of education, it always the active subject of self-education. Parents can become masters of soul of the child only in that measure in what they manage to awaken need for own achievements, own improvement in the child.

In parental work as in everyone the friend, both mistakes, and doubts, and temporary failures, defeats which are replaced by victories are possible. Education in a family is the same life, and our behavior and even our feelings to children are difficult, changeable and inconsistent. Besides parents are not similar at each other as children are not similar one to another. The relations with the child as well as with each person, are deeply individual and unique.

Contact with the child as the highest manifestation of love to it, it is necessary to build, based on constant, continued desire to learn an originality of his identity. The constant tactful vsmatrivaniye, a vchuvstvovaniye in an emotional state, an inner world of the child, in the changes happening in it, in particular its sincere system - all this creates a basis for deep mutual understanding between children and parents at any age.

For this reason to future parents who would like to bring up the child not spontaneously, and it is conscious, it is necessary to begin the analysis of education of the child with the analysis itself, with the analysis of features with soy of own personality.

For this reason the first and main objective of parents is creation at the child of confidence that love it and of it care. Never, under no circumstances the child should have no doubts in parental love. The most natural and the most necessary of all duties of parents is to treat the child at any age lovingly and attentively.

When values of parents start conflicting or to age features of development of the child, or to specific features inherent in it, the problem of independence becomes especially obvious.

Communication of education with other kinds of activity, education submission to these or those motives, and also an education place in the complete identity of the person - all this also gives to education of each parent special, unique, individual character.

Education as formation of certain qualities. Problems of independence become aggravated and when education submits to motive of formation of certain quality, desirable for parents.

The requirement of equality of positions in dialogue leans on that indisputable fact that children make the undoubted bringing-up impact and on parents. Under the influence of communication with own children, joining in various forms of communication with them, carrying out special actions for care of the child, parents substantially change in the mental qualities, their inner sincere world is considerably transformed.