Is There A Purpose To Write Neatly

Is there a purpose to write neatly

At the same time calculations for the actual data which were carried out for more long periods do not show decrease in average norm of consumption. So, S. Kuznets received the following results on the USA:

Specifics of impact of investments on an economic environment consist that at the time of their implementation demand for the benefits will increase, and the offer of the benefits will increase only after a while when new capacities take effect.

From this it follows that production expansion potentially comprises possibility of overproduction as reduction of average norm of consumption means that the lesser part of the made production is consumed by households.

Nevertheless the consumption function constructed according to a hypothesis of the absolute income is considered extremely simplified today. One of modern options of approaches to creation of function of consumption is that three types of this function distinguish: short-term, long-term and function of consumption taking into account the different income of the population (income function).