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It is necessary to have a rest between calling a sweating room 15 — 20 minutes. At first 5 — 7 minutes in soap office, then in a locker room. During rest it is quite good to drink small drinks a cup freshly brewed strong to tea, a glass of kvass or mineral water.

But if temperature in a sauna exceeded 120 °C (with other things being equal), force of muscles almost did not increase. And at a temperature of 60-70 ° and humidity of air of 60-80 percent and more than force of muscles even went down! Athletes felt sluggish, not holidaymakers, and evening training was unsuccessful.

Both private, and public Roman baths (terms) differed in exclusive luxury — precious marble of pools, silver and gold of washstands. By the end of the I century BC in Rome 150 public baths were constructed.

If a broom fresh, it take a steam bath at once, without troubling as differently it will become limp. The dry broom should be lowered at first for 10 — 20 minutes in cold, and then for 1 — 3 minutes in hot water. Very dry broom should be steamed out more long — to pour in a basin boiled water, to lower in it a broom and to close from above other basin. Quickly to steam out such dry broom so: to dunk into a basin with hot water and for 1 — 3 seconds to put on stones in the furnace, rotating and shaking that it did not scorch. To repeat this procedure 2 — 3 times, and in 1 — 2 minutes the broom is ready.

At regular visit of a bath coordination of all chain of the neuromuscular device improves. The movements are carried out is more coordinated and is less spent energy for their performance. The bath has considerable impact also on oxidation-reduction processes in muscles, increasing inflow of oxygen and improving assimilyatorny function of cells of muscular tissue.

Going to a bath, it is necessary to take with itself: a broom, a terry towel or a dressing gown, soap, a bast, it is possible even to take mittens (better woolen) to hold a broom. And for women the small terry towel on which it is necessary is obligatory, to sit in a sweating room.

All bathing procedure should not take more than 2,5-3 hours, and stay in parilny office - on average 15-30 minutes. A beginner one calling parilny office no more than for 4-7 minutes suffices. Each time this time can be increased for 0,5-1 minute and gradually to pass to 2-3 single calling.

One more reception of soaring — a postegivaniye. Carry out it the fast postegivayushchy movements by trailer part of a broom. At first on a back in all directions, then a waist, a basin, to hips, calves, feet. Duration of procedure of a postegivaniye of about 1 min. Finish this reception with stroking, but quicker, than in the beginning.

In a bath Romans not only washed, but conducted conversations, drew, read verses, sang, arranged feasts. At baths there were rooms for massage, platforms for physical exercises and sports meets, libraries. Rich Romans visited a bath twice a day.

And, at last, the soaring final — grinding which is carried out as follows. One hand the broom is taken for the handle, and a palm another, slightly pressing on deciduous part, pound gradually all body. The trunk is pounded in all directions, by extremities — lengthways.

After a shower the head is tied a towel in the form of a turban. This headdress should be moistened constantly in a sweating room with cold water that the head did not overheat. Some prefer to use close rubber hats which press out the head in baths and squeeze blood vessels. Its carrying leads to a headache, indispositions, dizzinesses.

After the first warming up (in 5 — 7 minutes) it is necessary to leave a sweating room and to have a rest. Thus, rising from the shelf, not to rise sharply — it is possible to lose balance. And, having left a sweating room, it is not necessary to lay down at once, 2 — 3 minutes are better to resemble.

However not in all cases the bath gives a positive effect. So, after a bath with high humidity in a steam room (80-100% at the air temperature of 60-70 °C) decrease in muscular force, emergence of feeling of fatigue, weakness, deterioration of mood and decrease of working capacity is during the first hours observed; in 10-15 hours working capacity increases back.

In sports and medical practice the bath which provides considerable inflow of arterial blood to muscles is used and by that helps to take off muscular fatigue, to intensify recovery processes in muscles, to restore their working capacity.