The Difference Between Diversity

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Traditional means which were used by a number of developing countries for increase of level of economic development, did not suit South Korea. It did not possess. considerable sources of raw materials for increase in the export income. The only exit was in development of manufacturing industry.

As important condition of fast expansion of production and increase of its technological level the quantity and quality of labor acts. In the country the long time is noted a relative overpopulation, especially in rural areas.

Costs for labor for increased even more in connection with assignments by social needs, in particular, on subsidizing of housing expenses of workers. Complication of problems of the competition, pressure of businessmen force ruling circles to find ways of weakening of installations in the sphere of employment.

Processes of concentration and centralization of the capital led to emergence of large financial and industrial groups —, or. They were created on the basis of trading companies and include the companies of various branches, being huge conglomerates.

Together with the USA one of leaders - economic partners of RK is Japan. The main problems in the bilateral relations are connected with consequences of colonial domination of Japan in Korea, friction in the trade sphere.