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In general Atlantis was found in all ends of Earth. You should not stop in detail on these theories, but it was found in Central America, in English Channel (F. Gidon), in the Pacific Ocean, in Cuba, in Peru, in Great Britain, near the Great Lakes in the USA, in Greenland, in Iceland, on Spitsbergen, in France, in the Netherlands, in Denmark, in Persia (Pierre-André Latreille, France, the XIX century), on Bermudas, Bahama, Canary, Antilles (John Mac-Kyulokh, Scotland), the Azores, in Azov, Black, Kaspiysk the seas, in Palestine and in many places.

On the basis of these messages of P. Borkhardt claims that Atlantis was in the territory of modern Tunisia, in the depth of the Sahara Desert. In its southern part there are two lakes which, according to modern data, are the remains of the ancient sea. In this sea there had to be an island Atlantis.

The description of the island in Atlantis reminds Crete, both on a relief, and according to natural data. The capital of Atlantis is compared sometimes to Tira or to Carthage. A. Shulten wrote that the system of three concentric walls is characteristic for the antique Mediterranean cities.

Platon writes that the island of Atlases was rich with metals that is strange for the Atlantic Ocean, but it is natural to the Mediterranean Sea. Judging by the description of metals, it could be Cyprus or Ivis (at the coast of Spain).

In the north of Spain there lives now about one million Basques. Their language is not similar to one of known languages of the world. A certain similarity is between it and languages of the American Indians. It gives the grounds to assume that Basques – lineal descendants of Atlases.

"If wanted to consider this story only as a fruit of the imagination of Platon, we should allocate it with really superhuman genius thanks to which he managed to foresee discoveries which were made only the millennia later," - Valery Bryusov writes

"Platon's story is so simple, details are so fascinating, the reference to fight of ancestors is so convincing that involuntarily start trusting in Atlantis and to look for this mysterious kingdom which disappeared for ten millennia B.C. though the history which is critically armed with the facts about it is silent," – A. M. Kondratov wrote

Existence of the developed civilizations on the island Atlantis and in Greece follows from Platon's dialogues 11500 years ago. However, the most ancient civilizations known to science are the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt relating to the beginning of the fourth millennium BC Platon writes about writing of Atlases, but the most ancient monuments to writing too belong to the IV millennium BC and too to Egypt and Mesopotamia. Zh. Demyul provides data, that the most ancient settlement which inhabitants went in for cattle breeding in the territory of Greece, belongs to the middle of the eighth millennium BC.

Platon's history is extraordinary attractive to any person. There is a strong wish to believe in existence of the developed civilization, perhaps even not conceding modern, in 12000 years up to now.

The asteroid or meteorite can quickly destroy any island. The only condition – the sufficient weight and speed of an asteroid. At the beginning of the XX century appeared many hypotheses connected with such accidents. However, already it is represented to scientists clear that the similar asteroid would destroy also all life on the planet. (That does not reduce number of supporters of such hypotheses)

Therefore many of atlantolog, especially those who trust date of 9500 years BC, consider that once Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean, and traces should be looked for it either at an ocean floor, or near the existing islands which were high mountain tops 11500 years ago.