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Process of training is always communication process. In order that process of training was effective, it is not enough to have professional knowledge, it is necessary to be able to organize this process. For this purpose the teacher has to learn to operate educational group, to induce each member of group to participate in educational process, constantly to hold attention of audience.

Feelings is the elementary mental process consisting in reflection of separate properties of subjects and phenomena of material life. This process happens through bodies of our feelings which receive, select, accumulate information and transfer it to a brain.

Cognitive activity begins with feelings and perception which the judgment or thinking follows. Cogitative activity receives all the material from one source sensory perception, i.e. from feelings and perception. It once again reminds the teacher of need to consider all stages preceding thinking in the pedagogical activity. Human thinking - in whatever forms it was carried out - does not exist out of language. Therefore modern process of training as process of human communication, it is possible to consider not only and not so much as simple change of the organization of the most educational process, and as an effective remedy of development of thinking of listeners.

The appeal to evident tutorials, raising of a hand or finger up, any unplanned gestures and the movements return attention of audience. If you often return attention of listeners, look for the reason in the maintenance of a training material. Ideal means of return of attention is the joke.

Progress in science and technicians involves enormous information loading of the main communication channels of the person with the external environment - visual and acoustical. Therefore each teacher has to have logically accurate structure of the speech, not overload it with minor details, watch its speed and the diction'

Short-term memory stores information within 1-2 days. Considering it, a task of the teacher is the choice of such tasks to listeners who would allow them to record the received information on paper, or to consider it in more detail. As a result of it the part of information can be fixed in long-term memory which provides its long storage and accumulation.

It is necessary to take the accurate, considered position on the main vital problems and values in time. The similar position and orientation of the teacher and group of rather social values or a subject of discussion create favorable conditions and increase informative ability of group. At confidential and respect for the identity of the teacher efficiency of perception is provided.

Any process of training assumes existence of any attention. Let's agree that teachers, as well as all people, happen different and not everyone can satisfy audience completely. Nevertheless each listener has to gain the necessary volume of knowledge. Owing to this fact it includes any attention to learn and record necessary information.

Long time was considered that the staff about one age group of listeners is optimum for training. Within traditional approach to training process it facilitated interaction of the teacher with listeners. However interaction and cooperation of trainees of the same age, as a rule, is rather poor according to the contents. After all people of one age group have approximately identical knowledge, and thus, mutually training will be rather poor. If to speak about educational function of process of training, uneven-age the collective brings much bigger educational effect.

Intellectual development of the person is made in the course of assimilation of the knowledge developed by mankind during socioeconomic development. Cogitative activity is, on the one hand, a basis for assimilation of knowledge, and with another - possibility of receiving new knowledge.

During judgment of people faces interrelations of processes and the phenomena. As a result of one or several judgments it is possible to receive another, given rise by the initial. Such communication between concepts, judgments is called as conclusion.