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For active aeration on a platform of a kagatny field stack the superficial or deepened to the earth air ducts into which the external air which is forcing out the warmed air from a kagat is blown by the fan. Such active aeration is made during the warm autumn period, mainly at night and besides before frosts. Use of air with a temperature below of zero can give to a partial podmorazhivaniye of beet. The amount of air for ventilation makes 30 - 60 m3/h on 1 t of the stored beet.

The size of really possible productivity (Udva) generally is defined by moisture security, its especially productive part which undertakes according to moisture content in the spring in a layer the 0-100th. and an amount of precipitation, dropping out during vegetation of culture. For calculations use a formula:

In a crop rotation crops of sugar beet have to be placed only after the winter crops (winter wheat or a winter rye) going on the black or occupied with ranoubirayemy cultures steam, the main processing of the soil should be carried out in the improved way or as a polupar, full providing plants with necessary batteries is necessary for obtaining the programmed productivity.

The planned area of cleaning in the first half of September has to be reduced to the sizes ensuring functioning of sugar plants in this, the period. On a bad weather case for trouble-free operation of sugar plants create a stock of root crops for 3-5 days.

There are 3 ways of cleaning of sugar beet: line, transshipment and line and transshipment. The line and transshipment way of cleaning when part of root crops bring directly to sugar plant, and other part - in temporary field kagata is most widespread in production. At a combine stop transport takes out root crops from burt on points.

If the party of beet in coordination with economy is carried to sub-standard, in the transport document put a stamp "sub-standard", specified on what indicators, and under a stamp agents of the parties subscribe.

Calculation of potrebny norms of nutrients calculates taking into account carrying out on units. the main and the quantity of collateral production corresponding to it (contents in the soil (), efficiency from the soil () and the introduced fertilizers (Ku) on a formula: